Dance the Night Away!

Bridesmaid Shoes

Brides and Bridesmaid shoes are available from Dancers Boutique..

Our great selection of Latin and Ballroom shoes (see picture above) have been very popular with Brides and older bridesmaids this year. They are exceptionally comfortable, stylish and well fitting and look beautiful under your wedding dress during the day and ideal to wear for dancing the night away.

Products we sell:

Bridesmaid Shoes

Bridesmaids love these ivory and off white ballet style shoes.
Tap and jazz shoes for children, teens, students and adults.

We know it can be hard to find pretty, comfortable and inexpensive shoes for your bridesmaids.

Dancers Boutique now stock satin ballet shoes in pink, white and ivory (see picture on the left). We also have other styles of full-soled shoes, available from small size 7 upwards, which would be perfect for bridesmaids or as party shoes for children.

You have so much to do in preparation for your big day, come into Dancers Boutique and we will help you choose the right shoes and fit them on your bridesmaids. We will be pleased to help you with this part of your special wedding day!