Adult dancers love...

Our adult dancewear is not only stylish and up to date but also very good quality. Your leotard, jazz-pants or warm ups will wash well, keep their shape and work with you as you are dancing. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and confident in class and we will help you choose something that you feel great in and look good in too. Here are a few pieces that adults have loved to wear to class this year.

Ballet skirts

You'll find a lovely selection of ballet skirts instore, here are a few of our current favourite chiffon ballet skirts in lengths that are flattering and practical.

Adult dancewear skirts. Adult dancewear skirts. Adult dancewear skirts. Adult dancewear skirts. Adult dancewear skirts.



Dance leggings and tights are an essential basic for adults too. Our cotton lycra leggings are designed and manufactured for dance and are supportive, stretchy and durable. They are also thicker and not see-through like regular high street styles! If you prefer to wear microfirbe tights to class, we have a good choice of black, pink, white and tan tights in adult sizes. Why not have a selection of different tights to wear with your outfit and shoes, they can change your overall look completely.

Jazz Pants!

Jazz pants.

Jazz pants are not just for dancing in! Our top quality jazz pants are so comfotable and stylish, many of our customers wear them at weekends, for the school run, to work, yoga classes and on holiday!

We now stock different leg lengths in brands you love. Come in to Dancers Boutique and add a pair of Jazz Pants to your dance and everyday wardrobe, you'll be pleased you've got them.

Minimal Bounce Bras

Adult dancewear skirts. Adult dancewear skirts.

The Minimal Bounce Bra has been around for a long time and is still the first choice for many dancers, keep fitters and adults who like the softness, support and comfort that they are known for. These bras look good under your leotard, under a vest or t-shirt or even worn on their own in a very hot class!

There are no clips or clasps, the cotton lycra stays in shape and absorbs moisture and the bra stays put whilst you are dancing, holding everything in place...

We keep different colours and sizes in stock, come in and try an 'MBB' and see if will work for you!

Adults Dancewear

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Products we sell:

Adults Dancewear

Dancewear for adults, ballet clothes for adults, adult leotards.

There's always something new in the adult section of Dancers Boutique and we can help you decide what you might like to wear to your class.

Reasons to join an adult dance class?

The wonderful music, the physical challenge, the social enjoyment and the opportunity to wear beautiful dancewear of course! You'll find some gorgeous dancewear at Dancers Boutique, suitable for adults attending ballet, tap, modern, street or contemporary classes. We select our adult clothing specifically with you in mind, we have learnt and listened to what you like and feel comfortable in and we are very confident you will find your perfect outfit at DB.

ballet cardigans, crossover cardigans, adult cardigans. short sleeved leotards for adults, blue leotard, chiffon skirts for adults.

LEFT: Keep warm in class with a lovely crossover from Dancers Boutique! RIGHT: We stock short sleeved leotards in different colours, this royal blue outfit looks stunning on adult dancers.

Pineapple dancewear for adults, Pineapple slash back top. Black lace leotard for adults, lace leotards, lacey leotards.

LEFT: This Pineapple top makes a lovely warm up dance top for class. RIGHT: Lace! very stylish and pretty teamed with a skirt or jazz pants.

adult leotards, footless dance tights, dance skirts for adults. bags for tap shoes, tap shoes, dance leggings, adult legwarmers. Pineapple dance tops, split sole ballet shoes, convertible tights, adult dance tights. ballet shoes for adults, canvas ballet shoes, sodanca ballet shoes, ballet tights.

TOP: We keep a huge choice of leotards, tights and skirts for our adult customers. MIDDLE LEFT: Tappers! We stock shoes, bags and dancewear for your classes too. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tops, shoes and accessories for adult ballet classes BOTTOM: Did you know, we stock many types and styles of ballet shoes? Canvas, leather or satin, we'll have the perfect shoe for you.

navy leotard, cap sleeved leotard, leotards for adults.

One of our lovely new cap sleeved leotards, looks perfect in class with a skirt or leggings.

Hard working dancewear for hard working dancers!

This area of the shop is constantly expanding and we are welcoming more and more adult dancers to Dancers Boutique. We are confident that we can advise and help you choose the right products and also keep you up to date with what's new in the danceworld. We make sure everything we sell is of superb quality, good value and fashionable, because we know that matters to you too. In our range of adult leotards, you will find basic cotton leotards, cotton and tactel strappy leotards in a wide choice of colours and sizes. Ladies also love our dresses, funky jazz pants and shorts and can put together their own individual look for class. Gents, we stock leotards and leggings for male dancers as well as jazz pants and a large choice of different shoes. Men are always welcome at Dancers Boutique and we will be pleased to help and advise you if you are new to dance.

Adult Ballet

Are you starting back to dancing classes? There are lots of ballet, tap, street, cheerleading and contemporary locally, see our schools and classes page. We think its great to see so many adults dancing again and love to meet you when you visit the shop for your shoes and leotards. We have a good selection of jazzpants, leotards, skirts, warm up jumpers and cardigans, as well as tights, minimal bounce bras, tutu skirts and leg warmers. We have selected our adult leotards with you in mind; we have different sleeve lengths, body lengths, colours and sizes and the styles range from traditionally plain to very trendy... your choice!

A final word... Shoes!

Dancers Boutique always has full sole and split sole ballet shoes in stock in pink, white and black and in different width sizes too. We also have a great choice of tap shoes and great quality jazz shoes. All staff at DB are experienced in fitting shoes, know our range very well and can advise and fit you with the best makes and styles for you. We are certain you will find the best choice and price at Dancers Boutique!

Depending on which dance style or activity you are participating in, we have further information on all the different types of shoes available in the 'dance world' among the following pages on our website; our Shoes! page which covers almost everything, our Strictly Dance Shoes, a dedicated genre page giving you a broad look at our ever increasing selection of ballroom, latin and salsa shoes for women and men available at Dancers Boutique and our lastly our dedicated website The Pointe Shoe Centre for information about pointe work.