Spotlight on Shoes for Dance

You'll find shoes for every age and every dancer at dancers Boutique!

From tiny shoe size 5 up to mens size 13, we stock dance shoes in every style for every dancer. Our range now includes ballet shoes in tonal shades, sparkly tap shoes, vegan ballet shoes, slip on jazz shoes and half shoes. Have a look at our current bestsellers on the main section on the left.

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Shoes for stage and productions!

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Are you doing a drama and musical theatre class, Stage Coach, school production or a holiday project. You'll need the right shoes! Ask us about jazz shoes and character shoes, we stock them for different age groups and they start from just £19.95. These shoes are comfortable, suitable for indoor floors and ideal for wearing for long dance and drama rehearsals and shows.

Demi Pointe shoes

demi pointes, soft blocks, exam shoes.

Demi pointes are the transition shoe between soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes. They are harder than ballet shoes and are designed to prepare your feet and legs for pointe work. By wearing demi pointes (or soft pointes) your feet will become accustomed to working in a more confined space, on an uneven sole and against a stronger sole. You will start to develop the muscles needed for pointe work and learn about stability and balance in a different type of shoe. We highly recommend soft pointes to our younger customers who are aspiring to go up en pointe and want to prepare themselves a year or so in advance. If you think you would benefit from wearing this shoe, ask your teacher, and if they agree, come in and we can fit you. It is worth making an appointment for a fitting so you don't have to wait... please call us on 01494 727211 of you would like to book in or just ask us more about this brilliant shoe.

Turning Shoes

turning shoes, capezio pirouette shoe, dance shoes for different skin tones, leather half shoe, canvas half shoe, contemporary dance shoe

These half shoes have become very popular with contemporary and modern dancers. They have a suede sole so are perfect for burn free turns and they look great on a dancers foot too. Now in stock at DB in leather and canvas and to suit different skin tones.

Dance trainers

Dance Trainers

Dance trainers have become a basic item of footwear for many dancers. The split sole and turning point on the sole make them so flexible and easy to turn, slide and dance in and the cushioning in the heel makes them more supportive than jazz shoes. Young dancers love trainers for street, jazz, drama and rehearsals or workshops. Dance students live in them! Adults are feeling the benefits of wearing dance trainers for Zumba, Fitsteps and Jazzercise exercise classes.


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Products we sell:


Shoes for all your dancing requirements.

Which dancer are you? You'll be amazed at the huge choice of dance shoes you'll find at Dancers Boutique!

Shoes... a dancers tools!

We passionately believe it is imperative that a dancer wears well designed, well made, durable dance shoes for every discipline they are studying, teaching or performing. Good shoes not only protect your feet, ankles and hips but become part of you when you dance and can help you to strengthen and train effectively and enhance your leg line and impact on stage or in auditions and competitions.

Dancers of all ages need the correct shoes and we stock a choice of shoes from a baby ballet shoe size 5 to mens dance trainers size 13! We keep a full range of RAD syllabus shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, ballet shoes and dance trainers and are experienced in advising and fitting them correctly. We also make sure we know your teachers and their uniform preference for class, exams and shows so you can be confident when you come to Dancers Boutique that we will be able to help and advise you.

Ballet Shoes

We stock pink, black, white and two tonal shades of ballet shoes for children, students and adults and keep a choice of width fittings in full or split sole. Our ballet shoe fittings are well known for being thorough and accurate and we liaise with local teachers to ensure we supply the correct syle and fit that is required for your class and examination. All of our fitters are experienced in choosing the correct shoe for girls, boys, students and adults and we also give you information about ribbon and elastic sewing! So, if you are looking for good quality, hard wearing, well fitting and economical ballet shoes, look no further, Dancers Boutique will have the perfect pair for you!

Split sole canvas ballet shoes, tonal ballet shoes, dark shade ballet shoes. Split sole canvas ballet shoes.

LEFT: Split sole canvas ballet shoes in three shades. RIGHT: DB's Molly loves her canvas ballet shoes!

Vegan ballet shoes, sodanca ballet shoes, bloch ballet shoes.

Stretch canvas ballet shoes in tan, black and white. We also stock a vegan version.

leather split sole ballet shoes, bloch ballet shoes, double elastic on ballet shoes.

Our very popular split sole leather ballet shoes from different brands and in a choice of width fittings too.

Pointe Shoes

Have you visited our Pointe Shoe Centre? We stock a range of Grishko, Bloch and Freed pointe shoes and have an unrivalled reputation for fitting and advising young dancers on their first pair of pointes through to full time ballet students and professionals. Have a look at our The Pointe Shoe Centre website for details on the shoes and accessories and testimonials from well known teachers and Principals.

Pointe shoes for all variety of skin tones and with matching ribbon available.

Pointe shoes for different skin tones and with matching ribbon now available.

A wide range of personally fitted pointe shoes from your dance shop near me.

Pointe shoes! We stock different styles in all sizes.

Tap Shoes

With the resurgence of American style tap comes fantastic new styles of tap shoes. Have you seen the tap flex shoe? It is our most popular tap shoe with students and teachers and is ultra comfortable, flexible and durable. Jazz tap and Student taps are also great shoes and suitable for girls and boys and the Mens tap shoes are available up to a size 12. All these styles come with high tech, superior taps attached which makes them very cost effective and a good investment. We still keep Oxford tap shoes and the traditional PU lace up styles for younger dancers and beginners. The choice is endless with tap shoes, it's very much down to personal preference so try a few styles on and see how they feel.

childrens tap shoes, pink tap shoes, tap shoes without laces, velcro tap shoes, silver tap shoes, sparkle tap shoes.

Childrens tap shoes! We stock different colours in all sizes, for girls and boys starting out on their tap adventure.

childrens tap shoes, red tap shoes, sparkle tap shoes.

We have a good choice of tap shoes and can help and advise you on the best style for your age and level.

Character Shoes

Our character shoes are made from either leather or PU and are cushioned inside making them extremely comfortable for dance, drama, performance and even as every day shoes. Bloch and Freed have different styles, the2 inch PU style from Bloch has been very popular recentlywith all age groups and the basic New Yorker style is timeless. All dance students need a pair of cabaret shoes in their dance bag and we keep different heel heights in stock in black or tan.

Dance character shoes in black or tan for sale in the UK - shop local.

Character Shoes! The dance bag essential! We keep all sizes in stock all year round.

Mens ballroom shoes, boys character shoes. ballroom shoes, latin dance shoes, childrens ballroom shoes.

LEFT: Our Mens ballroom shoes are also worn by ballet boys for character work, actors and musicians. RIGHT: Gorgeous dance shoes! If you are looking for latin, ballroom or Salsa shoes, then take a look at our Strictly Dance Shoes page for inspiration!

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes have also developed in terms of comfort and style. Split sole jazz shoes are now essential for modern, jazz, contemporary and creative dance and are available from a small size 7 to an adult 12! Jazz shoes are great for stagecoach, drama club and musical theatre as well as dance classes. We also sell them for everyday wear to beauty therapists, hairdressers and shop workers... they are so comfortable when you are on your feet all day!

All types of jazz shoes are popular for modern, jazz, contemporary and creative dance.

Jazz shoes are popular for modern, jazz, contemporary and all types of performance.