A few favourites for 2014...

Here are a few pictures of leotards and dancewear our Tween customers have loved this year. There's always something new for them at Dancers Boutique, why not sign up to our newsletter and Like us on Facebook to be the first to see our new collections and ranges?

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Products we sell:

Tweens Age 8 - 14

Our bright and colourful Tweens section.

There's always something new to see in our Tweens section.

Fashionable and stylish dancewear for a very special age group, the 8s to 14s!!

When a dancer reaches this age group they are looking for something more individual and up to date to wear for class, rehearsals, summer schools and workshops. This area in Dancers Boutique has become one of our busiest and most popular and the Tweens love our selection of leotards, skirts, shorts, tops, jumpers, Papillon and Pineapple dancewear. We select styles we know will suit their age, colours they will find exciting and a wide choice they will enjoy looking through and trying on. Bring your Tween in to have a look, we're confident they will be inspired and you will be pleased wiht the designs and quality too!

crop tops for girls, Pineapple dancewear, dance trainers.

What will you choose for your dance bag?

leggings for girls. dancewear for children.

LEFT: Tweens dancewear is also great for weekend wear too. RIGHT: Crop top, pirate pants and dance trainers, pictured in pink, also available in other colours!

Pineapple crop tops, Pineapple for children.

We are your local stockist for Pineapple dancewear, you'll always find the latest colours and styles at Dancers Boutique and something new every season.

Papillon dancewear. Coloured leotards for teenagers.

LEFT: We have outfits for ballet, freestyle, modern, drama and contemporary, what's your style? RIGHT: A current favourite with our Tween customers.

Pineapple t-shirts. Pineapple tracksuits.

LEFT: A Pineapple t-shirt for ballet dancers. RIGHT: The Pineapple tracksuit that Tweens loved this year.