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Student Discounts for all full-time vocational dancers

15 percent off dance student discount card to use at Dancers Boutique.

Are you studying or training in dance full time? Come into DB with your student card or college ID and we will give you...

A discount card entitling you to 15% off everything in the shop!

We stock shoes and dancewear for students from:
• Amersham and Wycombe college
• Bucks New Uni
• The Urdang Academy
• Laines
• Stella Mann
• Henley College
• Redroofs
• Italia Conti
• Sylvia Young
• Performers
• and other major academies.

You can use your discount on all your uniform and freestyle dancewear and shoes and we can advise you on what you need... we have been there ourselves and make sure we keep up to date with college/Uni requirements.

Everything a full-time dance student needs, all available at Dancers Boutique. Phone for what you need for delivery to your college.



Don't forget to keep spare tights in your dance bag! We stock footed and convertible tights in pink, white, black and tan and a good selection of tan, flesh, shimmer and fishnet tights too. You should find what you need at Dancers Boutique and we make sure our tights are good quality so they will last you through plenty of classes, rehearsals and shows!

cheap convertible tights. tan tights. pink ballet tights. fishnet tights.

Ballet Shoes

canvas split sole Ballet Shoes.

Dancers Boutique always has a huge choice of full sole and split sole ballet shoes in stock in pink, white and black and in different width sizes too. All staff at DB are experienced in fitting shoes, know our range very well and can advise and fit you with the best shoes for you. We are certain you will find the best choice and price at Dancers Boutique!

leather Split-sole ballet shoes.

Dance bag necessities!

We know what you need in your dance bag students, and make sure we have everything in stock for when you want it! There are some fantastic dance products around for students and professionals and you'll find the most up to date innovations and designs at Dancers Boutique.

Dance training essentials like the TurnBoard and Tendu Balance board, also known as a wobbleboard. Toe Tape, Foot Balm and Sticky Strips for Dance students. Dance bra and under garments for dance students.

Something to put it in!

Cool dance bags! Big, practical, hard wearing and funky, that's what you will need for college and uni so come in and have a look at our great selection of dance bags for teenagers and adults.

Dance bags for students. Dance bags for students.

Full-Time Dance Students

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Products we sell:

Full-Time Dance Students

Dance student section.

You need it, we stock it! And at very competitve prices too...

Hard working dancewear for hard working dancers!

This area of the shop is constantly expanding and we are welcoming more and more teenagers, students and adults to Dancers Boutique. We are confident that we can advise and help you choose the right products and also keep you up to date with what's new in the danceworld. We make sure everything we sell is of superb quality, good value and fashionable, because we know that matters to you too. In our range of adult leotards, you will find basic cotton leotards, cotton and tactel strappy leotards in a wide choice of colours and sizes. Students also love our dresses, funky jazz pants and shorts and can put together their own individual look for class.

Black leotard for college and auditions. Capezio dancewear.

LEFT: Want to stand out? You'll find gorgeous and unusual leotards at DB. RIGHT: Dance tops! We have a great selection of warm ups for college and weekends too.

The next level

When students decide to take their dancing to the next level and embark upon full time training, they need a lot of dancewear and shoes but often have a limited budget. Paula, the owner of Dancers Boutique, trained full time at the Urdang Academy and understands the need for functional, reliable, cost-effective dancewear and shoes.

"We have chosen to stock good quality dancewear which is durable and hard wearing. I believe a pair of shoes should last you through your training and into your full time work and are an investment in your profession."

- Paula of Dancers Boutique

Dance Trainers, Split-sole Tap shoes, Jazz Tap shoes, Character Shoes always in stock at Dancers Boutique. Ballet and pointe shoes for diploma and degree dance courses. Dance class clothes for dance college. Dance accessories including tops, tights and hair accessories for your degree dance course.

TOP LEFT: Shoes! we've got all the styles you'll need for your course. TOP RIGHT: Whatever your dance style, we'll be able to advise you on the best shoes for you ! BOTTOM LEFT: Dance basics are always in stock at DB. BOTTOM RIGHT: Don't forget your tights, warm ups and hair accessories! you can pick those up when you visit.

Pirate pants. Black leotard for school, gcse leotard, short sleeved leotard.

LEFT: DB...the home of the black leotard! We have so many to choose from, we know you'll find a style you'll love. RIGHT: Need a plain leotard for GCSE dance or dance at school? We have different makes and styles that will be perfect for class.

. .

Gorgeous dancewear by your favourite brands and at very competitive prices too...

Innovative Accessories!

Modern design and technology hasn't passed the danceworld by and there are some fantastic dance products available now that make a young dancers life much easier. A set of good quality knee pads are essential for any street or jazz dancer, they cushion your joints when you're landing on your knees and enable you to slide along the floor on your knees too. Our knee pads come in different sizes so are suitable for teens, adults and men too.

Foot thongs and gloves are designed to make turning, spinning and sliding easier and they do! These comfortable foot accessories enable the dancer to move more freely without sticking to the floor and protect the soles of the feet by preventing burning when turning. Foot thongs and foot gloves are also ideal for Yoga and pilates matwork and equipment classes. They give grip but still allow you to feel the floor and move your feet freely. Try them out, they are one of the best dance related inventions we've ever seen!

Knee pads. Students.

LEFT: You need these... Knee pads! RIGHT: You need these... Foot thongs!

Dance Underwear

One of our most popular lines, the invisible body stocking! These soft and stretchy bodies are seamless and come with interchangeable clear straps. They are a perfect extra lining under leotards, tutus and costumes and ideal for wearing backstage to keep you covered during quick changes. We stock childrens and adults sizes and they are a good basic item for any dancer to keep in her kit bag. You will also find seamless knickers and bra tops at Dancers Boutique in childrens and adults sizes and these are popular for ballet class and exams when your teacher won't let you wear normal underwear!

Dancers Boutique has what you need!

We are always introducing new products in our accessories range and listen to what our customers need and want. These Bunheads accessories are made for young dancers but their friends and mums like them too! False eyelashes and body glitter are perfect for parties, fancy dress and weekend wear, not just performances and we keep lots of colours including diamente eyelashes in stock.

Please just ask!

Don't forget your ballet shoe ribbon, heel taps and teletone toe taps, dance shorts, ballet tights, dance leggings, woolley warm ups, and ballet shoe, tap shoe or ballroom shoe keyring for your new dance bag.

We keep up to date with new products for dance and exercise, so if you are looking for something particular, please ask us, we're sure we'll be able to advise and assist you.